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DSR provides consumers with innovative system utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. With more than 100 awards and 5k downloads worldwide, DSR is a recognized industry leader in PC optimization and security software.

Our products have also been translated into over 10 different languages and are being used by an increasing number of people thanks to the hard work of our worldwide volunteers who support our forums and translate for free!

Why Choose DSR

DSR develops powerful and user-friendly solutions to enhance the speed and security of your computer. Over 1 million users in 50+ countries and regions worldwide use and rely on our accolade-winning product.

To meet the needs of users everywhere, we are advancing our technology and increasing the range of our products. We have you covered whether you want to defrag your hard drive with Smart Defrag, protect your computer from virus attacks with DSR Software, combat malware with DSR Malware Fighter, or get the most out of your gaming with Game Booster.

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