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Effective Date: 01/03/2023

To create a great software product, the customer experience must be the focus. While providing comprehensive personal computing driver solutions over the last 7+ years, DSR Softwares has made it a primary goal to put our customers and their PC needs first. Whether it’s helping every registered customer, our easy to use Refund Policy or, our top tier customer support; our goal is to help users maintain their computer device drivers in good working order easily and safely. 

DSR Softwares provides quick, easy, and safe access to all of the latest drivers for the user’s Windows PC. Saving customers time and minimizing the possibility of installing the wrong Windows driver; which could cause a system crash. All drivers offered by DSR Softwares are available from the respective manufacturer’s websites. Full DSR Softwares registration requires a subscription fee, enabling customers to use the tool in a fully unlocked mode and keeping the system updated regularly as well as monitoring for specific plug and play events where a driver may be needed.

Below you will find our outline regarding what we deem as our core Software Principles. If you have questions on anything below or would like to contact us please email

Transparent Installation & Disclosures

When installing DSR Softwares the message is clear and the user has complete control of the installation process. We do not force any user to download the software nor do we automatically download without the user’s permission. We do not bundle any third-party software without the user’s knowledge or permission. While we do provide drivers for almost all major manufacturers, we do not imply that we are directly affiliated with these companies and users may obtain these drivers from the respective manufacturer’s support websites. DSR Softwares does however makes it easy for users that want to save time and guesswork in finding the right driver for their PC devices. Having the correct drivers may help improve the computers performance and usability (including add new features as provided by the updated drivers) however there is no guarantee every machine will see the same results or noticeable performance improvements, performance of the software would depend on (non-exhaustive) Internet Speed of the user, System Configuration which would include it’s Ram, Storage, Processor, Startup Programs, Running of multiple programs at the same time, Visual Effects, Defragment your hard disk etc.

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Simple Removal of Software

We make uninstalling our software easy and simple for any user and follow standard uninstall best practices. There are no affects to the user’s machine when uninstalling our software. Uninstallation options are located in the normal locations on a person’s computer; in the Windows Start Menu as well in the Programs area of the control panel. We charge no fees for uninstalling the software and there are no hoops a user has to jump through to complete the process of uninstalling. Our full uninstall instructions are provided online as well.

Clear Software Behavior

When downloading DSR Softwares the clear expectation for our users is that they are downloading a tool to help them identify out of date or missing drivers for their Windows computer and then help them fix any potential issues quickly and easily upon registration of the software.

  • DSR Softwares does not download or install additional third party software.
  • DSR Softwares does not make system settings changes without express consent from the user.
  • When performing a system scan of device drivers it is our goal to only show valid driver issues to the end user and not over inflate the number of driver issues thereby confusing the user or “scaring” the user in any way. We will only show relevant issues to be addressed to our users.
  • DSR Softwares does not affect the user’s computer in any way other than providing the tools to update and maintain their drivers and optimization of system.
  • DSR Softwares offers all users who have purchased the full licensed product a complimentary driver update walkthrough, where a DSR Softwares  representative will help the user install their first driver using the DSR Softwares  tool. This option is offered during the checkout process via a support phone number option.

Data Collection (Snooping)

DSR Softwares does not collect or transmit any personally identifiable information from the user’s PC. All data collection and transmission consist only of hardware and software related information in order to correctly identify necessary driver updates. Here is an excerpt of our Privacy Policy:

Why DSR Softwares Collects Device Hardware and Software Inventory Information

DSR Softwares collects your device’s hardware and software inventory information in order to deliver our driver and other device-associated recommendations, download access, and installation automations provided in our software. The hardware and software inventory data is essential for our software and servers to match the best updates for a particular system on an ongoing basis. We retain this information in order to continuously improve our matching intelligence based on aggregating and normalizing the data collected across all systems.

We Keep Good Company

DSR Softwares takes pride in the fact that we are open and transparent with our users and we strive to project that with the partners we have relationships with. We feel it is important to create strong long lasting partners that reflect our same values in terms of putting the user first and providing only top tier products and services.

Here are some of our certifications and partnerships:

AppEsteem Certified

DSR Softwares achieved the AppEsteem certification after its app, DSR Softwares, satisfied the most comprehensive, consumer-protection oriented guidelines ever developed in the software monetization industry.